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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Our climate quickly takes its toll on the exterior of our homes; leaving footpaths and walkways unsightly or slippery.

Power washing brings old footpaths, patio's and driveways back like new and creates a safer environment for everyone.

Using powerful gas driven pressure washers and rotary "Turbo" nozzles we can clean even the toughest dirt & grime.

See what a difference we can make to your home - Call us TODAY on (850) 319-6977 or Contact Us via our online form.

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Are your sidewalks, or driveway, around your home slippery when wet, discoloured by algae & lichen growths? We can remove even the dirtiest grime. Allied can transform the look of your property in just a few hours.



Dealing with grime, grit, or slime in between your paving stone can be frustrating, meticulous work. Let Allied handle it for you.

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No matter how green, slick and slimy; Allied can bring the shine back to your wooden deck or fencing.