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Roof Cleaning


Residential Roof Cleaning

A dirty roof can be a huge eyesore on any home - but its also the hardest part of a home to clean!



North-facing surfaces, or roofs that are shaded by trees/neighboring properties are especially vulnerable to unsightly algae & lichen infestations which cause huge black stains down the shingles and often darken the entire surface. Certain types of moss, algae and lichen actually feed on roof shingles, and can dramatically reduce their lifespan if left untreated.

Regular cleaning of your roof will keep algae & lichen infestations at bay, ensure it lasts longer, and keep it looking brand new!



Our softwash process gently removes this algae and other discoloration areas caused by trees, dirt, dust, and pollen. When we’re done, you roof will look like new again! Our process follows the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) guidelines for the care of Asphalt shingle roofs, and won’t void your shingle warranties and can help extend the life of your roof!

Never EVER, attempt to clean your roof with a pressure washer! This can damage your roof and completely void your warranty!


The Process

Step 1

Loose deposits of moss & debris are removed with a stiff brush & the roof is prepared for washing. Surrounding lawns & greenery are covered or pre-wet in case of any accidental over-spray.

Step 2

Our special formula of roof-cleaning detergents are pumped from our truck and sprayed onto the roof surface by our operators. Any over-spray is quickly rinsed away with water.

Step 3

The detergents are allowed to dwell for a few minutes whilst they dissolve the stains from the roof surface, and then are rinsed away with water. Any stubborn marks are given a 2nd treatment with our special solution.


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